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  Urdu At Home and GCSE/GCE
Here is why we are an invaluable asset for GCSE!

With the new and updated version of our website, Urdu at home has brought its resources further in line with the National Curriculum of UK. Our development team based in USA and Pakistan has worked tirelessly with experienced Urdu teachers in UK to create resources that adheres to the requirements set by the leading examination boards in UK. Urdu teachers that are teaching GCSE and GCE students will now find plenty of 'interactive' and 'ready to print' assessments for their students that will also help them prepare in their examinations. Most of the topics that are required are covered in the resources.

We have also included a number of lessons that will help the students better understand their cultural and historical heritage. In addition, a number of assessments have been included that would allow students to better appreciate the differences between different cultures and their similarities.

The teaching resources cover all four categories as required in 'MFL' standards setup by the National Curriculum.
  1. Reading and responding
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking
  4. Listening and responding

Urdu teachers will be happy to find a lot of Interactive resources in areas such as Urdu Grammar and Vocabulary building. Most of our resources are bi-lingual and provides instructions in both Urdu and English. By incorporating the valuable feedback and constructive criticism that we have received from different teachers in UK during the last one year, we have made certain updates and changes to our resources. A number of our member teachers have told us how our resources have saved so much of their time and has also made their job a lot easier.

With our new resources, the time for using power point based resources in the class has finally come to an end. Our resources are developed using Flash Animations and are fun to use. The interactive application 'Eshagird' makes sure that the students are not disturbing the class and are involved in learning at all times. A number of playful and fun starter lessons are included that will definitely help the Urdu teachers in the class. A number of differential assessments are also part of our resources.

We greatly value the feedback from Urdu teachers and in fact use them to improve the quality of our resources. None of the improvements would have been possible if not for the constant feedback and encouragement of Urdu teachers and parents

Should you have any questions pertaining to the material or teaching methods please contact our educational staff at teacher@urduathome.com.

Remember, Urdu @ home is here to provide for the educational needs of all those wanting to learn Urdu. Your comments and suggestions are vital to us! They will help us develop new and unique services that you can teach your students and develop their skills further.

The Urdu @ Home Team
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