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Muhammad Nawaz
Head of Urdu, Community Liaison Officer, Jack Hunt School, United Kingdom

Urdu at Home is an excellent online and independent tool to aid student revision; helping them to learn important vocabulary. The thing I love most about Urdu@Home is that it's a fun and easy way to learn Urdu. The layout of it is very well done so it is very easy to use.

Abdul Musaib
Urdu Teacher, City High School, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK

I have been using the 'Urduathome' website since the beginning of the academic year. I have found that pupils really enjoy the stories, morals and tasks that are provided by the website. I appreciate all types of websites working towards making Urdu more accessible to teachers and learners. However, 'Urduathome' stands out for several reasons. The website provides interactive materials with printable activities and each task includes a variety of activities to suit various learners' needs. This helps pupils develop gradually and learn at their own pace. I have also been extremely impressed by the constant hard work demonstrated by the website in developing additional resources for Key Stage Three and Four. Initially, when I saw the website, the charges seemed fairly high but in my personal experience it has been money very well spent by my school. 'Urduathome' has provided everyone with an enjoyable way to learn and supports individuals superbly in their transition from one level to another.

Vancouver, Canada

Urdu at Home is a commendable initiative which has provided valuable tool to parents living abroad to teach Urdu to their children. The interactive and thoughtful design of the various courses make it easier and fun for the kids to adapt to this program. It is a great service to the promotion of Urdu language and the results will be evident in the years to come.

Qudsia Lone

Living abroad, it‘s a real challenge for Pakistanis to teach Urdu to their kids. It‘s so wonderful to see my kids actually enjoying their Urdu lessons working with eShagird. The high quality graphics and audio are perfect for children used to western education. I can‘t wait for my kids to move through the program and gain literacy in Urdu. I‘m truly grateful that someone has taken the time to put so much hard work and effort into creating this wonderful program that was so desperately needed.

Mariam Alsikafi
Chicago, IL, USA

Urdu at home is the most innovative and child friendly curriculum I have seen. It has developed in my son and his friends a love for the Urdu language and a genuine desire to learn. The program is creative and embraces technology to bring parents like me a much needed tool. I cannot stress enough the quality of the content and the impact that it has on a young mind. Thank you for making my life easier and my child‘s life richer.

Savera Khan
Saint Louis, MS, USA

First of all I would like to comment on this wonderful idea of creating a website to help children learn Urdu. It is a very helpful tool in teaching children their native language, especially when one is residing abroad. The website‘s general layout is impeccable, and the eSHAGRID is very child oriented, making it a huge hit with us! I just received the 2nd week‘s lesson and homework assignment in my mailbox today. Once again, very pleased to see that someone has taken the time out to build this website focusing on Urdu language, with age appropriate curriculum and immediate feedback system. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Anis Farooqui

Congratulations on creating a wonderful resource for parents like me desperate to ensure that the next generation learns their mother tongue and gains a better understanding of their heritage. I am an Indian medic settled in the UK and was looking for Urdu resources when I came across your site and promptly registered.

Sheraz Ali, (Teacher)
PGCE MFL (Modern Foreign Language - UK)

Urdu at home is just a fantastic website to learn, speak and promote Urdu language around the globe. All activities and worksheets revolves around four key language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. eShagird is an interactive tool to learn and teach Urdu and has made learning Urdu fun for me and my students. It‘s fulfilled the modern learning requirements and caters to visual and auditory learners. Not only that, it also offers periodic skill assessment tests to keep learners on track. Congratulations to Urdu at home team for providing such a wonderful and user friendly website. The website is not only good for students but also has meaningful activities for parents, teachers and trainee teachers. I would highly recommend this website to all Urdu speaking communities in the world to preserve and promote their heritage.

Mr. Farrukh Shah Khan
President - PACC (Pakistani American Culture Center)
Milpitas, California

At PACC (Pakistani American Culture Center), we offer Urdu classes for American children of Pakistani descent. We were looking for a comprehensive Urdu curriculum for our students which were educational as well as entertaining for children growing up with Nick Jr. "Urdu at home" provided us with such a curriculum. Kids love the system.

Shah Jalees
Copley, OH, USA

I have been trying to find a way of teaching my kids (six and nine) to read and write Urdu. I came across "Urdu at home," which I think is a wonderful website. It has easy modules, along with weekly assignments through "eshagird." My kids love the cartoon characters and the coloring exercises. It is fun for me as well. Before, I had to beg them to come and learn Urdu with me. Now they want to get on the website and start doing the "fun stuff." I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants their kids to learn Urdu. I applaud all those who have worked hard to come up with this website. Keep it up and continue to improve it.

Nadia Abbas-Shah
Chicago, IL USA

I can not thank you enough for such a wonderful program. My almost 5 year old son loves it and continues to grow with it. It‘s such an asset to have when you are abroad. I can actually teach my children Urdu and feel closer to home. Thank you so much!

Sofia Shah
Hartford, CT, USA

How do I get my children to speak and read Urdu? How do I make them more comfortable and communicative when we go to Pakistan? And how do I pass on the beauty of the Urdu language to them? These were some of the questions I had been struggling with for some time. I believe I have found the answer with Urdu@Home.com. I subscribed to this website and my 8 year old daughter was hooked! She found she could follow the lessons easily because the alphabet and the words were given in Roman Urdu as well as in the Arabic script. She moved at her own pace, practiced the lessons on her own time and without going to a formal class and had fun playing the interactive games. I even found her reading out some of the words to her 4 year old sister!
I found the website to be not only an excellent teaching tool, but a great bargain too. At $15 a month for the premium membership, I have access to a professional-style program in the convenience of my own home. Best of all, I don't have to drive 20 minutes on a Sunday morning to take my children to Urdu classes! The money I save just on gas pays for the membership many times over.

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