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  Affiliates and Partnership Information
Like what you see on our site? Interested in promoting Urdu@Home and promoting our services? We offer a range of partnerships and affiliations that provides you with an opportunity to spread the reach of Urdu worldwide and a source of additional income. Pease take a look at the details below and choose one that is right for you or your business.

   Corporations: Urdu at home receives visitors from over 40 countries having significant Pakistani/Indian population. By working with us you can access the growing market segment and reach a large number of prospective customers. Some of the ways we can work together:
  • Packaging our services with our partner¬ís product/service offerings.
  • Advertising and promoting your products on our website.

   Educational NGOs: If your objective is to promote literacy in Pakistan Or India (especially among girls), we can help you connect with the well to do expatriate population. We can provide you a solid platform to send your message across to millions of potential donors living all over the world. Some of the ways we can work together:
  • Offering free access to our services in under-privileged schools.
  • Creating discounted membership packages for your donors.
  • Running promotional videos or flyers on our website.

   Schools, Colleges and Community Centers: Urdu at home can work with you to develop a customized interactiveUrdu curriculum just for your institution. Some of the ways we can work together:
  • Design an interactive e-learning Urdu package which suits the age and skill level of your students.
  • Provide teachers the flexibility to offer Urdu classes in a 'one to one' or a 'class' setting.

   Individuals: Urdu at home has a generous incentive program which allows interested individuals to generate significant monthly income by promoting our services. This can be done by:
  • Membership referrals, promoting awareness of our services and building brand recognition.
  • Marketing Urdu At Home in your locality and to your contacts thereby bringing in more members/registrations to the site.

*Contact Us at support@urduathome.com or through our feedback page with your specific requests for more details and terms.

The Urdu @ Home Team
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