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  Introducing Spoken Urdu Classes
Urdu at home is the leader in Urdu language teaching. A number of local and international educational institutions are currently using our language program to teach Urdu language. Six years after its launch, we are proud to announce the launch of our one-on-one spoken Urdu classes (via Skype).

Just like our well established Urdu literacy program, our “Spoken Urdu Program” allows you to learn and practice Urdu language skills from the comfort of your own home. Our experienced staff will work with you to establish your language goals and develop a personalized learning program that can last anywhere from 3 – 12 months (or beyond).

Our experienced Urdu language teachers are bi-lingual (Urdu & English). They will use tools such as Skype and face time to conduct the teaching sessions. All you need is a Web-Cam, Mic, Speakers and a good internet connection.

Unlike other online Urdu language program, we have over 8 years of “Urdu Language” teaching experience. Our Urdu learning modules have now been used by thousands of learners world wide.

Depending on your learning goals, number of sessions and the duration of your program, our rate can vary from $ 15 to 25 per hour.
To learn more about the Spoken Urdu Program, kindly send us an email at support@urduathome.com or through our feedback page with your specific requests for more details and terms.

The Urdu @ Home Team
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